Barbecue Tonight
       by Elena Santangelo

Sung to the tune of "Comedy Tonight."

(with apologies to Mr. Sondheim)

Something with bacon, low fat forsaken
Something for everyonea barbecue tonight.
Sausage and pork roll cooked over charcoal
Something for everyonea barbecue tonight.

Nothing that's fish, nothing that's game
Just set a suckling over a flame.

Nothing au gratin, nothing that's rotten
Nothing but pigs and appetite
Shoulder cut or side meat, boiled jowls and
      pigs' feet
Boston butt or fatback, pork rinds as a quick

(big finish slow kick line)

No tiny bones, no mad cow curse,
Just some trichinosis at worse.

Big pork selection grilled to perfection.
Get out the citronella light.
Leftovers tomorrowbarbecue tonight!

Copyright 1999, Elena Santangelo

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